Through the Health & Wellness department, we provide the resources needed by the members of our community to cultivate healthy habits and cope with the emotional and physical demands of life.

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H&W Activities

TRAUMA HEALING PROJECT: Emotional healing through story-telling and support groups led by trained trauma and health counselors.


PHYSICAL FITNESS:  Regular fitness activities for individuals to maintain physical and emotional well-being.

HEALTH WORKSHOPS: Tool and Resources for individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle. Materials are being compiled in Swahili, Kinyarwanda and English. 

Meet Our Health Team


Rutendo Goto

Rutendo has a Masters in Science in Health Administration, and is completing a Master of Science in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics  at Grand Valley State University. Rutendo tracks the H&W metrics and reports.

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Dr. Kizombo Kalumbula

Kizombo, PhD in Psychology, is an adjunct professor of psychology and counseling at Grace Christian University. Kizombo is the H&W family counselor.


Dr. 'Joke  Ayoola

'Joke, RN, PhD in Nursing, is a Professor in the nursing department at Calvin University. 'Joke coordinates the trauma programs.

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Dr. Angie Keas

Angie, Doctor of Chiropractic, coordinates the physical wellness activities at the African Resource Center.

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Our Health Partners

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