And who is my neighbor?

A fascinating story is told in the Bible about a traveler who was attacked by robbers and left half-dead by the side of the road. Several people went by but they did nothing to help him. Finally, a kind man came and took pity on the traveler. He bounded up his wounds, poured oil on the scars, and took the wounded traveler to a hospital where was cared for and made well again. 


Now, here is a no-brainer: Who is the traveler's neighbor?

A) The person who saw him in distress but did noting to help him, or  

B) The kind man who attended to his trauma and helped him overcome his distress. 


There are abundant opportunities in Kent County to help those who are recovering from past or recent trauma. For more information on how to participate in the ARC Trauma Healing Project, please send an email to

Participants at Trauma Training

The ARC Trauma Healing project is funded through grants provided by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and Bethany Christian Services. We are also grateful for our partnership with the Trauma Healing Institute on this project. Thank you! 

Volunteers attending an "equipping session" at the African Resource Center. Trained facilitators help those who have recently been through trauma find relief.

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